The next morning began with a sense of dread. I woke up to the knowledge that I was leaving Zimbabwe and headed back to the UK, and weighed down with this looming sense of portent, I showered under the morning sun listening to the rapids of the Zambezi. 

We were up at sparrows for a Game Drive before our early flight, and as we wound through the bushes, Butch explained that he’d been alerted to a lion kill close to the river’s edge. We drove off-road towards a little sandy spit that stretched out into the river, and there before us, was a spread table and the Imvelo staff cooking breakfast. 

We ate hungrily, and reminisced of the previous few days events. Sadly, it was all too short lived as we had to make our way back to Victoria Falls Airport for our flight back to Johannesburg and then Heathrow. 

I spoke to Karry some more from a lounge at Johannesburg. We have barely stopped talking since and we both decided to make the relationship exclusive. I’ll be travelling back to her in September. 


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