Every Journey Starts With A Single Step

It’s been commented that the most daunting thing to a writer, is a blank page; whilst I agree with the sentiment of the adage – that staring at a screen that simply states ‘Insert Text Here’ is definitely difficult, as thoughts of “What can I write that’s gripping, relevant, and doesn’t come across as trite?” buzz around the mind like angry wasps – I must wonder, how dull were the lives of those writers that the blank page held the most terror to them? How safe and placid must life be to them that the primary concern is a lack of text rather than, oh – I don’t know, being locked in a car with the aforementioned angry wasps?

Life is an adventure, and that’s what this blog is about. My adventure. Perhaps the existence of this blog may therefore be at first glance rather egotistical, but I hope that it may be somewhat informative to the reader, maybe even enjoyable. Who knows, maybe even some of my humour may not fall entirely flat on it’s face.

So yes, this is the opening that I am going for. The silver bullet to slay the blank page werewolf. Maybe one day critics will laud it as a bombastic opening to a tour de force of travel writing. More likely, though, it’ll still stand as a monument of the awkwardness of writing something just to fill the nothingness of an empty blog. 

Where, then, from here? Away, I suppose, to Africa. I visited in June, I fell in love, with the continent, with Zimbabwe, with a girl. Karry will feature prominently throughout this blog, rest assured o’ dear reader, so I’ll leave the full explanation and expansion of that story for other posts, but for now, suffice it to say that I am hell bent to getting back out there on a somewhat more permanent basis. 

That’s what this blog is for. To document the journeys I have taken and, of course, the journey I am currently on. As I stated previously, hopefully it will be educational or at least entertaining, but this is the story of my life; and we’re only in the Prologue. 


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