Still Alive!

It’s a scary thing coming back to a blog after a six month hiatus. Once again you’re staring at that scary blank page, wondering if anyone really reads this crap anyway. It’s been so long, surely nobody really cared and the few that did have long gotten bored and wandered away to something that updates a little more frequently. The largest concern in the council of my mind, however, stands up and clears its throat. Then in a deep booming voice, not unlike Death from the Discworld books, speaks in a voice that echoes around the chamber:


With an apology and an explanation, I am reliably informed after the rest of the council took a recess to consider and vote. Then, said a smaller, chirpier part of my mind that I hear some of the more long-standing members call “Positivity”, With a plan going forward. The rest of the council shudders the way one shudders on discovering a half-drowned spider at the bottom of ones tea. We don’t like plans, but we’re beginning to quite enjoy the company of this newfound addition Positivity, he sometimes has some pretty good ideas.

So, let’s start with the apology. I’m sorry that I stopped writing. Even if nobody actually really reads this, even if nobody even noticed that it had stopped, I did promise several people in the UK, before I left, that I wouldn’t stop. I could argue that I didn’t stop, I merely paused, but it’d ring about as hollow as a steel drum thrown down a mineshaft.

With that covered, let’s discuss why I haven’t written anything since… *scrolls back to check when the last post actually was* …November!?! Yikes, I really am sorry! I’ll go into this all in much more detail in future posts, but in short, a lot of stuff started happening at once. There were Christmas and New Years preparations, the scramble of trying to get electricity sorted for our house so that we could move out of the lodge, the search for a job and, of course, the act of wrestling with the bear-in-hippo-suit that is the Zimbabwean Immigration Process. When I wasn’t doing any of the above, I was generally sleeping or doing this weird thing that the Zimbabweans like to call “socialising”. It’s a strange concept that usually involves the Three B’s (braai, beer, and bad decisions) and often a swimming pool, pool table, or anything else with “pool” in it.

“You’ll get used to Levi…”

Now that things are a little more settled, I have a bit more free time to relax, unwind and watch cat videos on our new internet connection write a bit more. I don’t ever intend to impose formal deadlines on myself (lest I have to write the dreaded “filler” article and risk falling into a career at Buzzfeed) but I do intend to take more photos when we do stuff, go back and write about the lekker (“cool”) and not-so-lekker (“not so cool”) things that have happened since November, all whilst still writing about anything interesting and current. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but I do hope that perhaps I can entice you along for the journey. Positivity is smiling at me and giving me a thumbs up. We’re still getting used to his quirky ways, but it should be a lot of fun.


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